When Things Come Crashing Down

I was looking through some photographs and came across a picture of my car after it was hit by a falling tree.  I remember it clearly, as I was driving the car at the time the tree decided to give way to the power of gravity.

It was a bright and beautiful Saturday afternoon and my wife and I were driving home from lunch.   We were about a mile from our house.  I drove through an intersection, heard a very loud “crack”, and a moment later the tree crashed on top of the car and into the windshield.  Glass shattered everywhere, and we held on tight until the car came to a stop.

Looking at the photograph I was struck with one thought, “I’m glad that wasn’t today.” 

When things come crashing down we often dwell on them and find ourselves asking, “Why did this happen to me?”  I want to approach life differently.  Every day that life does NOT come crashing down, I want to take note and be grateful.

Bad things will happen.  Some days.  But not today.  And for that I’m grateful.



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