1000 Words – I Want to See Miracles

1000 Words is a collection of quick reads to help me find perspective in the midst of everyday life, small reminders to keep pursuing life to the fullest.

“Miracles happen quietly every day – in an operating room, on a stormy sea, in a sudden appearance of a road side stranger.  They are rarely tallied.”  Mitch Albom

I’ve been on the receiving end of the operating room miracle, rescued from the stormy seas, and aided by many road side strangers.

But in the hustle of “today”, I sometimes forget the many miracles I’ve been afforded, and instead find myself focused on all that’s wrong with the world around me…  the way people drive, inconsiderate actions of others, the fact that there’s no paper towels in the bathroom.

Henry David Thoreau said,

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

I want to be someone who sees miracles.  All around me.  Everyday.  That’s what I’ll be looking for today.

3 thoughts on “1000 Words – I Want to See Miracles

  1. Life’s all a matter of perspective. You can see light, you can see darkness. You can see miracles, you can see nothing at all. It all depends on your mind. And, if you change your mind, what you look at changes also.

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  2. I see a thousand miracles behind the simplest chirp of a garden bird… and, perhaps as a result, have been onsite for a few that weren’t so easily explainable!

    Deepak Chopra says the two most dependable indicators of an increasing state of enlightenment (God consciousness) are the cessation of worry and a noticeable increase in miraculous synchronicity.

    So I for one applaud and support your determination to see miracles today! Have a beautiful one!

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