Wonder and Awe

Albert Einstein, the Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist, changed our understanding of the laws of nature.  His work, including the theory of relativity, brought understanding to the vast complexities of our universe.   That understanding gave him a deep appreciation for the marvels of the world in which he lived.  He said, 

cliffs of moher edited with words

When we take the time to pause, there’s no question that there are breathtaking wonders all around.  But what we actually see depends largely on what we choose to look for.  Therein lies the problem.

We pass people in pain and don’t bother ourselves to notice.  We drive home in traffic oblivious to the palette of color strewn across the sky.

We should never let 24 hours pass without intentionally seeking out something worth our wonder.  To miss it, is to be as good as dead.

I will only die once.  I don’t need to practice.  Instead I will be looking for wonder, and then I will pause and stand in awe.  My eyes will be open and I will be alive.

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