Top 5 Most Spectacular Sunsets of the Week – Kauai

For the past week I’ve enjoyed life on Kauai.  I’ve seen the beauty of the island at sunrise and sunset, from the beach and from the sky.  In my ongoing quest to watch 100 intentional sunrises and sunsets, this week I was blessed to take in some amazing sights.

Here are my top 5 sunsets from Kauai:

red sunset

Kauai sunset in red

blue sunset

Kauai sunset in blue

sunset in yellow

Kauai sunset in yellow

sunset poipu

Sunset at Poipu beach

plane sunset

Sunset at 30,000 feet

I was reminded once again that everyday brings something different, new, and beautiful, if we will take the time to seek it out.  Just as no two sunsets are the same, each day is a unique moment in time to be lived, different from all others days.

I hope you take some time today to seek out the beautiful moments waiting to be found in the world around you.

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