What Are You Building with Your Life?

I find it humbling to walk among ancient ruins.  That anything is left standing after hundreds of years is amazing, particularly in light of the tendency so many have to tear things down.

As one walks the outer walls, or labors up the spiral steps of the stacked-stoned tower, the history can be felt in the crags and crevices.  Thousands of hands have touched the walls, and the feet of countless men and women have shuffled across the floors.

Rock of Cashel. 364life.com

Rock of Cashel, Tipperary, Ireland

And one day, long ago, hundreds of years in fact, a group of people began their work laying the foundations of a cathedral. They spent the better part of their existence on this earth laying the stones that still stand today.  As did their sons, and theirs after.

A life’s work, hard and taxing.  Most never had the satisfaction of seeing the finished result.  But generations later, their work still stands.

Every day we lay the stones of our life’s legacy.  It begs the question, what are you building with your life?  Will it stand the test of time?  Be bold and intentional with your time, talent and energy so that you might build something beautiful and lasting with your life.

If you, or someone you know, is doing something creative to build a lasting life legacy, please share.  I’m always looking for great ideas on creating a remarkable life, and always in pursuit of life to the very fullest.   Thanks.

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