The Beauty and Curse of the Familiar

There is something comforting and easy about the familiar. We know where to go, what to do, what to expect. We know who we can trust, when we can be ourselves, unguarded.

But familiarity also brings complacency. We allow the familiar to rob us of the appreciation and wonder of the beautiful things right in front of us. The people. The places. Life.

“Admiration and familiarity are strangers.”

George Sand

Every person you know, even those you know very well, have thoughts, feelings and experiences you know nothing about. Take a few minutes to bring some newness to the familiar. Ask new questions, explore. Find something new about the people you know, and appreciate all over again your friends, despite the familiarity.

“Sweets grown common lose their dear delight.”

William Shakespeare

What will you do today to restore the wonder to that which has become too familiar? Photo albums are a great place to start, a place where great moments are stored. Grab an album, flip through the photos and remember some favorite moments. Be reminded of happy memories with special people. Maybe call or text someone to say hello. Send them the picture and remind them of the moment you shared together. Bring some wonder back to the people we too easily take for granted.

Enjoy the comfort of the familiar. But never let the familiar people and places in your life become ordinary and unappreciated.

2 thoughts on “The Beauty and Curse of the Familiar

  1. Such a fabulous post, so true. I think this also applies with family. Even with children and parents. Children don’t always take time to know what the parents where like before they were born, and often fix the parents in a box. And then they get so busy in their lives to even ask the elderly parent how are you.

    We forget to step into another’s shoe and appreciate their life. To busy in our life to care less. To appreciate the story of another


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