The Beauty of Simplicity

The simple things.  We have a great gift for overly complexifying the very simple.  With so many possibilities we get tricked into believing that bigger is better, choice is always good, the more the better.   Yet in reality, choices, the plethora thereof, are often the very things that complexify and complicate life.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo da Vinci

When I look back on the lasting impressions of my life they are more frequently than not the very simple gestures of a someone who cared.  Not someone trying to be grandiose, but simply expressing concern or love or appreciation.  The timely note expressing thanks, the individual who goes out of there way to tell you that your actions meant something to them.  Sometimes the mere presence of someone sitting with you in the midst of a difficult moment, or month or season.

If simple can be so profound, why is it we make so many things so complicated?  Today, as you make your way through life, look for the simple in your surroundings.  You may discover a whole new world of appreciation and enjoyment. 

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