Consequences (Intended and Otherwise)

Everything impacts everything.  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, regardless of whether or not the outcome is visible, immediately or ever.  Something happened somewhere.

Every choice, every encounter, every action we take has consequences, which could be favorable or unfavorable.  Sometimes the outcomes are intended, or at least hoped for.  Sometimes there are unintended consequences.  Sometimes both.

While unintended consequences can paralyze some for fear they will set off a chain reaction and create undesirable circumstances, for others they see hope.  No matter where they are, or how dire the situation, there is hope knowing that every step taken, every conversation held, sets a series of events in motion that can bring solutions, better circumstances and create a better tomorrow.

One thing is certain.  New outcomes requires action.  And the likelihood of favorable outcomes increases when our actions are constructively taking us in the direction of our goals.

Wishing you great consequences to all the actions you take today.

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