Poetically Speaking – Like the Rain

Sleep it comes like a pouring rain

on a poor man’s brow in a pool of pain

Staring back at the dead of the night

praying for a sigh, for a breath of life

Like the beating hand of a woman’s man

trying to make her understand

Like the bleeding heart of a thorny crown

the rain just keeps coming down

coming down, I can’t sleep

Preacher man come save my soul

and tell me who’s this next to me

Another girl, come take my hand

and show me to this promised land

Mama dear don’t look at me

close your eyes so I can’t see

Shut the door and hide the key

and save me… don’t let me fall

Preacher don’t keep telling me

salvation’s just a wink away

I’ve seen the garden, I’ve seen the grave

the sin’s too sweet to walk away

Don’t quench my thirst, leave off the lights

don’t take away my sleepless nights

Please don’t try to heal the pain

don’t walk away…  just walk away

Don’t walk away, just walk away… don’t walk away

Sleep – comes like the rain

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