Dream Big or You’ll Probably Get Stuck in the Small Stuff

“In the presence of greatness, pettiness disappears.  In the absence of big dreams, pettiness prevails.”  Peter Senge

Countless stories are told of the remarkable achievement of people’s dreams.  By harnessing the power of imagination and ideas, and tirelessly working to bring them to fruition, the unimaginable has been brought to life.  A big enough dream can be positively all-consuming.

But there is another perspective to consider.  While in pursuit of a big dream, your mind is occupied by the possibilities of bringing your dream to life.  But in the absence of a big dream, there is a vacuum of restlessness that will inevitably be filled, not with the wonders of imagination and possibility, but with pettiness – criticism, complaint, judgement and jealousy, the stuff with which pettiness is made.

Do you find yourself getting hung up on the small stuff?  Dream bigger.  Excite your mind with dreams so big you don’t have any room in your mind for pettiness.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!  Live the life you’ve imagined.”  Henry David Thoreau


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