Why me? Why Now? – Why Not?

I didn’t get in a car accident today, my car didn’t break down. No one broke into my house and stole my t.v., and no one I know died.

Why not?

I wasn’t diagnosed with a terrible disease.  I didn’t lose all my money in the stock market.  My kids didn’t get hurt, I didn’t break my ankle or leg or need to go to the hospital, for anything.

Why not?

My day was actually very nice.  Time with friends, beautiful weather, a nice dinner and a relaxing night.  In fact, most days are nice.  Good days happen and pass and we don’t stop to fully appreciate how fortunate we are that, of the many bad things that could have happened, none did.

We can be so quick, the moment something unpleasant takes place, to lament and ask, “Why? Why did this happen to me?  Why now?”  We know that bad things occasionally happen, yet when they do, we complain as if life is being unfair.

Perhaps we would appreciate our days more if we woke up fully expecting any number of terrible things to happen, and if none, or few did, the day would be a wonderful surprise and success.  Perhaps we’d have better perspective on life if we could stop asking “why”, when bad things happen, and start asking “why not” when they don’t.

6 thoughts on “Why me? Why Now? – Why Not?

  1. Yes! There are so many uncontrollable things in life that sometimes we just need to live as if they didn’t exist at all–otherwise, when would we take our chances? Great piece.

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