Slower and Quieter

I spent the evening yesterday with a dear friend celebrating his birthday, number 64.  In passing I asked if he had any new insights and wisdom upon reaching this lofty milestone in life.  He was still for a few moments and then articulately stated the following:

  1. Be intentional about appreciating the moments in life.  There are not that many left.
  2. Be slower and quieter, so you can take it all in.

My days are fast and furious and the pace is loud.  I was struck by the contrast of his advice, the intent to live slower, quieter, taking it all in.  Instantly, I could feel the truth in his words, and they have lingered with me.

Today, this moment – slower, quieter.  I’m ready to take in all the beauty that’s around me.  May your day be slower and quieter as well.

26 thoughts on “Slower and Quieter

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  2. I love this. It is my philosophy, I have never been one to rush about doing ‘stuff’ and as I have aged I have definitely slowed it all down to enjoy the moments. Lovely post.

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