The One Thing That Will Shape Your Life More Than Any Other (And It’s Not Luck)

There’s no doubt that luck plays a role in life.  Some are born into wealthy families, some into poor.  Some people are charmed with good looks, charisma and intelligence, and others… not so much.

Life unfolds for some people as if a genie was granting them wishes, while others seem cursed by inexplicable forces hell-bent on destroying any chance of happiness or success.  Life is certainly not fair.

But before you lay blame at the feet of luck regarding your place in life, give thought to something Stephen Covey said,

“I am not a product of my circumstances.  I am a product of my decisions.”

Tempting as it may be to attribute the outcome of your life to luck or circumstance, the truth of the matter is this; the one thing that will shape your life more than anything else are the decisions you make.  Your life will be a reflection of your decisions.

Who will you marry?  What books will you read?  With whom will you spend time?  Will you quit?  Will let fear keep you from trying?  The choices you make for each will help shape your life, the decisions yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Want to improve your life?  Pay attention to the decisions you make every day.  For better or worse, they are creating your future.

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