How to Bounce Back From a Less Than Stellar Day

As much as I desire to squeeze profound meaning out of every day of my life, sometimes  the day ends and I’m simply weary and tired.  Nothing profound seems to have taken place and I can’t help but feel like some opportunity has been lost. In those moments discouragement can easily set in.

Rather than dwell on the disappointment of day that’s ending, I remind myself of some simple life reminders to help me bounce back and begin again tomorrow:

  • Sometimes the difference between success and failure is one more try.
  • If there are no obstacles, you’re on the wrong road.
  • One person can change the rest of your life.  Look for opportunities to meet someone new every day.
  • Make sure to feed your mind new thoughts and ideas regularly.  We all need fresh perspectives to ponder in order to experience more in life.
  • Make sure your life story is full of interesting characters, unexpected twists, and new experiences.
  • Just try.

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