Your Bad News Today Might Be Your Great News Tomorrow

Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of important life lessons in a dramatic and moving way.  Today’s NFL Super Bowl game between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles provided just that.

We all love an underdog story, and the story of Nick Foles is certainly one for the ages.  Tonight Nick will go to bed as the MVP of Super Bowl LII, having defeated one of the most storied and seasoned teams in NFL history.  It’s an outcome that’s almost unbelievable, especially considering the past couple of years of Nick’s football career.

Nick Foles began his NFL career in 2012 with the Philadelphia Eagles.  Despite playing some record-breaking football in Philly, Foles got the bad news in 2015 that the Eagles had traded him to the Rams.  Then, only one year later, Foles got more bad news that the Rams used their number 1 pick to draft a new QB, so Nick’s days as a Ram were numbered.

Foles was picked up by the Chiefs in August, 2016, but only 7 months later, in March of 2017 Nick received bad news once again when the Chiefs told him they were going to let him go.  Nick ended up back with the team that originally drafted him, and then cut him, the Philadelphia Eagles, where Nick would serve as the backup Quarterback.

Then it was the Eagles’ turn for some bad news.  The team was having an incredible year with their second-year QB, Carson Wentz, leading the way.  But in Week 14 of the season, December 2017, Carson suffered a season-ending injury.  Enter back-up Quarterback, Nick Foles.

Foles went on to lead the Eagles to a couple of wins in December, then a couple more in January, bringing the Eagles to the Super Bowl.  There they would face the most daunting of all opponents, the legendary New England Patriots, led by their even more legendary QB, Tom Brady.

In what turned out to be a thrilling and record-breaking game, the Philadelphia Eagles ended up the victors, bringing home their first Super Bowl championship.  And Foles?  He led the way, setting records, leading his team to victory, and being named the MVP for Super Bowl LII.  Two months ago, a back up Quarterback.  Tonight, Super Bowl champion and MVP.  Sounds like pretty great news to me.

Have you received some bad news lately?  Hang in there.  The story’s not over.  Your bad news today might turn into great news for you tomorrow.

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