Tomorrow is the Best Day of Your Life

When the day is over, be done with it.  You’ve done what you’ve done.  No amount of regret or complaint, desperation or longing will allow any detail to be altered.

Tomorrow is untouched, unmarred, and still perfect in every way.  Every dream, every possibility remains. 

Imagine what could be.  What you want it to be.  The possibilities that might become your reality.  Realize all that tomorrow may become and there’s no need to long for yesterday and all that’s been left undone.

There is no regret in tomorrow.

One thought on “Tomorrow is the Best Day of Your Life

  1. I love this! While a lot of life seems already set out for us, there are so many things we can change, if we are self-aware. Even as little as the attitude you wake up with can change how the day will feel to us. Great insight!

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