Poetically Speaking – You’re the Reason

You’re the hunger I feel in my soul

You’re desire that I’ve never known

You’re the heartache but I can’t let you go

You’re the reason

You’re the feelings I no longer feel

And my senses tell me nothing is real

I believe in you, though you don’t want me to

You’re the reason

You’re the darkness, I stumble about

You’re temptation I can’t live without

You’re the secret that never falls from my mouth

You’re the reason

You are the reason

3 thoughts on “Poetically Speaking – You’re the Reason

    • I wrote it as three distinct expressions, so I was trying to show the distinction between each of the expressions. In some respects, a person can hold contradictory thoughts, expressed in one fashion today and another tomorrrow. Our feelings and thoughts are constantly evolving as we experience more and take in new information. Thanks for your note.

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