Endless Echoes

Harsh words. Angry words.  Hurtful words.  They all wear away at the soul.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” Mother Teresa

Last week after speaking at an event I received the following note, “The message you shared was so important, and something I won’t forget.  The power to move people is a gift that needs to be shared.  Thank you for sharing.”

I was reminded of the power of recognition and encouragement.  I’m certain the kind words in that note will echo on for me.

Our words can bring anguish or affirmation.  They can heal or hurt.  Choose words of encouragement and they will echo on in hearts and memories endlessly.

Who could you recognize and encourage today?  Grab a pen and some paper.  Write a quick note… you’ll find it leaves a lasting impression and an endless echo.

4 thoughts on “Endless Echoes

  1. Words are so important. They can create, they can destroy. They can break a heart or mend it. But the sad truth is that people often neglect the importance of the words they use. When speaking to others, when speaking to themselves. Thank you for writing this post.

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