Singin in the Storm

I sometimes lose all perspective and have a short-sighted moment where  I catch myself complaining about the trivial, and honestly, meaningless annoyances of life.  A poor internet connection, the slow driver in the fast lane… I’m actually trying to think of a third thing that annoys me, but nothing’s coming to mind.

It’s been three minutes now and I’m still struggling to come up with another example that wouldn’t be too embarrassing to admit, which kind of makes my point.  We complain about spilled champagne.

occassional storm

The occasional storms of life may be inconvenient, even disruptive.  But without them, life would soon lose it’s flavor.  Life’s storms bring a renewed appreciation for the days when the sky is blue and clouds are calm.

Next time the storms come, go outside, sing in the rain, and be grateful for the reminder to appreciate all the good moments that are all too easily taken for granted.  The moment you’re in is the only one you’re guaranteed to get.  Make the most of it.

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